Python Web Crawler – BeautifulSoup, Requests and Regular Expressions

I have dabbled with scraping in the past but mostly just setting up a script to access a specific page and take some data from a specific HTML element that I wanted. Recently I decided I would try and create something more along the lines of a web crawler, whereby the script is given a start point and then traverses an entire website and all of its publicly available web pages before returning some kind of data.

Regular Expressions – Understanding The Thousands Separator

Regular expressions comic

Regular expressions are strings of text which describe a pattern to be searched/matched. In a way, we all use regular expressions when we use the standard “find/search” function of programs like Microsoft Word or Excel. We enter a string of literals (more on that below) which is then searched in a body of text and any matches are returned or highlighted when an exact match is found. As good as this is, it doesn’t offer much flexibility as you can only find the exact term given to the program.


In the search for somewhere to keep personal savings and working out whether or not to overpay on a mortgage, the power of compound interest is often stressed on forums and financial help websites. The problem is that it can be hard to understand just how much you can make given your specific financial situation as most websites only give a handful of example figures, sometimes at interest rates that many can not achieve easily…

JQuery – Moving From .click() To .on(‘click’)

jquery click() method

Something I struggled with early on was the JQuery click() method, when this code seemingly worked fine on some pages/elements but would not work for others. The code would be in place to make an alert or open a modal for further interaction and would look something like this: HTML Javascript JQuery click() This syntax […]

Getting to grips with GIT (Complete Beginner)

Git for beginners, my experience as a command prompt fearing learner to hopefully help those looking to use Git on Windows. Like most people learning web development either in a structured course or by themselves, I have spent most of my time on Google/Stack Overflow trying to work out how to create a new feature […]

JQuery Ajax calls

In putting together a website that requires a simple interface to perform various CRUD operations, JQuery has become a necessity on almost every page to keep things as intuitive as possible without making everything a tickbox form. When putting together a system to create songs and add them to new setlists, it was clear that […]

Embedding Google Map As A Responsive Square

The Problem: For a website I am creating to aid event planning, I wanted to embed a google map on multiple pages and have it display as a perfect square no matter what device or screen size it is viewed in, based on the width of it’s parent div. The example code below is provided […]